UK – Bath (Day 1)

WRBR7952Just the very mention of London can get me all excited and happy….it has me hooked & completely wrapped around its grasp. What about it is so enchanting I have been asked. …not sure; Im yet to figure it all out. Maybe its just a feeling of warmth (within me), comfort…of feeling at home. First trip to London was in 2009 & another in 2016 but in today’s post, I will take you for a spin around Bath – a beautiful little city on the outskirts of London.

It all started over planning our annual girls weekend getaway – a ritual between Caroline, Stephanie & me. Come 2016 the only travel I got to do (unfortunately) was this fab, fun-filled escapade to my fav city. Caroline & her sister Margaret was to meet us in London from Aberdeen (their home town) while Steph & I flew in from Dubai. So Steph and I decided to have our mini-escapade before the big one ๐Ÿ˜€

Fun factor – we reach the boarding gate in Dubai airport and Steph, as usual, gets upgraded to Business class while I her co-passenger gets frisked (to avoid any inconvenience at the Gatwick airport I was informed!). Never had that “inconvenience” ever in my travel escapades so came as a shocker – but all in good fun coz im going on vacay now (also can I really do anything about it?!)

So post a crappy middle-seat Economy class 8hour flying episode (for me!), it’s touchdown at Gatwick airport. We head out grabbing our luggages to catch the train to Bath (average travel time is 2 hour and half) but not before we had our fill of Starbucks coffee & bites.

Arriving at Bath station, we cab it to our really comfy BnB One Three Nine – a gorgeous Victorian. Apart from being situated really close to the town centre & station, their hospitality, decor, cleanliness all makes you enjoy Bath all the more. But the highlight of our stay was definitely the yummilicious spread of breakfast – Champagne inclusive OMG typical countryside brekkie – it did make me feel like I was in one of those Famous Five brekkies that I grew up reading and salivating over. Hotel level services in a BnB – grab that one right there guys….they have amazing reviews on


The One Three Nine BnB (gorgeous isnt it?) ๐Ÿ™‚

Whilst contemplating between a quick nap & being touristy, we get information about this group offering guided tour to the Stonehenge. We swap nap for hot shower and get to the centre on time for our little tour to this magnificent mysterious UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Town Centre is just a 10 mins walk away from One Three Nine so get those sneakers on and move it peeps. Steph made a mental note of the route apart from the assistance of Google maps for her morning run while I just walked blissfully basking in the cold breeze and minimal sunshine (yeah Im a winter person :D)


The picturesque beauty of Bath

Since we arrived slightly early for the tour it gave us time to have a quick peek at our surroundings and we figured this is where we could have our shopping, dining, drinking, spa time all sorted out – one stop shop point that was what the centre was all about (yaaayy)


Steph & me excited & ready for the tour

Stonehenge or the Stone circle as its better known is the structure that will cause you to gape and wonder what the hell is this all about? Some strong men decided to put huge stones around in a random pattern you would think. The arrangements of the stones have changed over the years but the real reason for the actual setup of this place still remains worthy of a debate. Neolithic & Bronze Age practices / ceremonies is the strongest of the setup theories.


Us at the Stonecircle aka Stonehenge


Up front & personal view of the Stonehenge


Neolithic Houses to understand how people lived 4000+ years ago, Stonehenge exhibition portraying the entire story along with bits & bobs unearthed through the years, ย Souvenir shops and a Cafe overlooking the beautiful landscape are other attractions.


Neolithic Houses – u r looking at life 4000+ yrs ago


Unwinding at the Cafe after our tour & sovereign shoppingย 

By evening, we head back into the Bath city centre…famous for its natural hot spa, Bath is every spa-crazy-fan’s dream come true, so obviously Steph & I were super excited ๐Ÿ™‚ They also house a 2000 year old Roman bath – oh its kept clean! ๐Ÿ˜€

But more about it in the next post – good things come to those who wait ๐Ÿ˜‰


A sneak peek into the Roman Bath blog – hope you guys like what you see ๐Ÿ™‚

“Your wings already exist…all you have to do is fly!”

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  1. Diminishing History

    Try appreciating me more than I can imagine,
    Try appreciating me more than I can,
    Try appreciating me more than I,
    Try appreciating me more,
    Try appreciating me,
    Try appreciating,

    ~ travel partner’s reflection over Stonehenge ~

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