Life of 2017

fullsizeoutput_2960Having been raised in Dubai where life is good and definitely easy in comparison to being in India, never for once did I think that going back home for weekend getaways would be my thing!

2017 had to be different…it was planned & wished for right from 2016. How could I make it different I thought. Considering how much extra I saw of Dubai that year, I decided to break all norms of NY resolutions and kicked in just 2 for 2017.

  1. Pursue my passion of dance…resume my dance training
  2. One travel per month to someplace outside Middle East, even if it is just a weekend getaway

I have been truly lucky in both aspects till date & my upcoming blogs will all be about how my 2017 has played out to make me truly a happier person.

Watch this space for travel rants, new & old people in my life, dance routine and some pics 🙂

“If you’re sad, girl – add more lipstick and attack” – Coco Chanel

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